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  1. TH 305: Harmony in the Mother’s work

    श्रीमा के कार्य में सामंजस्य In this Hindi talk we look at the role of Harmony in the Mother’s work and how to strive for it. ...


  2. TH 304: Energy - Part 3

    ऊर्जा – भाग 3 This is the concluding part of questions and answers on Energy, including such subjects as Mantra, Kundalini, Divine Energy and many others. Questions:38. Does the use of modern energy make us lazy?39. Is the amount of energy different at different places? Like a temple and a ...


  3. TH 303: Energy - Part 2

    ऊर्जा – भाग 2 We take up more questions related to Energy from the spiritual point of view:21. How can one use his energy for a higher purpose?22. What is the relation between The Divine’s Energy and the energy we know?23. What is the way to achieve ...


  4. TH 302: Energy - Part 1

    ऊर्जा – भाग 1 We take up the following questions related to Energy from the spiritual point of view:1. Is everything energy?2. What are the types of energy?3. How do we know that energy is within us?4. How is energy created?5. What would have ...


  5. TH 301: Internal Remedies for Health

    आरोग्य के आंतरिक उपाय This webinar in Hindi is part of the program for Sri Aurobindo Medical Association, Odisha. It touches upon a holistic understanding of health and healing. ...